The decision to place a loved one with developmental disabilities in the care of others can be a painful and sometimes difficult process. Grace Community Services helps make it easier. What sets us apart is how we respond to the needs of the individuals we serve. Our person-centered philosophy allows us to deliver unique and personal support to each person under our care. We help people live full and enriched lives, turning their dreams into reality.

We provide a variety of services to help individuals enrich their lives and achieve their dreams, whether living in our homes or in the community. Above all, we seek to ensure that we are the right fit for the families and individuals we serve. If we’re not for you, we’ll tell you–and point you in the right direction for your needs. If we’re a good match, we’ll connect you to the services and support for your loved one with developmental disabilities.

Backed by the 125-year-old heritage of Lutheran Social Services, Grace Community Services has been serving individuals with developmental disabilities since 1988.