Grace Community Services helps individuals with developmental disabilities live life to its fullest, both at home and out in the community.

The services we provide help people not just live life but thrive. We accomplish this by throwing out the cookie-cutter approach to care, and instead craft a highly personalized course of services for each individual we support. Whether it’s a loving home environment, life skills coaching, or services coordination, our goal is to help individuals live the life of their dreams.

Our Individual Residence Alternatives (IRAs) provide not only a cheerful, warm place to live, but a loving, caring staff that supports each person we serve. We take care to place each individual in the home that’s right for him or her.

For those individuals who are living more independently, we provide Community Residential Habilitation to deliver one-on-one life skills support for everyday living.

Our Medicaid Service Coordination consolidates the management of multiple agencies, acting as one point of contact to coordinate the various services an individual may need.

“When my son is visiting us at our family home, at the end of the day he says he wants to go home, which gives us such happiness. The staff loves him, and he loves them.”

Individualized Residential Alternatives

It’s been said that a home is not a place, it’s the people who live there. Nothing could be truer for Grace Community Services’ homes which are the corner stone of our organization.

The caregivers at our Individualized Residence Alternatives (IRAs) honor each individual’s needs and unique identity. They tailor the support they give to each person under their care and work closely with the individual’s families to provide an enriching and caring home environment.

Visit us and you’ll feel immediately at home. From the loving, caring atmosphere to the cheerful decor with comfortable, quality furnishings–your loved one will settle in easily, which will help you rest easy.

Click here to learn about our group homes.

Community Habilitation

For an individual with developmental disabilities, living on their own in the community – or even with their family – can be isolating. Daily tasks like budgeting and meal planning can seem overwhelming and finding fun activities to make life full can seem out of reach. That’s where Grace can help.

At Grace, Community Habilitation isn’t just a service. It’s a therapeutic relationship between an individual and a Habilitation Counselor. As they develop a partnership, they also take on life’s day-to-day tasks and obstacles together. The result? Skills to live with grace and joy. Ultimately, the feeling of empowerment when individuals are able to do things for themselves they could not do before.

Menu Planning – Counselors not only help organize and conduct these tasks, they empower individuals to eventually perform them independently.

Money Management – For individuals living independently, this crucial task can be daunting. A counselor will help your loved one learn how to budget and manage expenses, alleviating a very common stressor for families of people we serve.

Keeping House – From organizational skills to basic cleaning guidelines, this messy task becomes a joyful learning opportunity for the individuals under our care.

Getting Involved – One way to combat the isolation that many individuals with developmental disabilities face is to get them integrated into their community, interacting with others. With a counselor’s help, many individuals form long-lasting, enriching relationships with others.

In-Home Respite

Merriam-Webster defines respite as “an interval of rest or relief.” Our In-Home Respite program gives both caregivers and those served an opportunity to spend some time apart to recharge their batteries and have some fun and enjoyment apart. Our staff will provide 1:1 time with your family member in the home for an extended period and provide enjoyable companionship exploring the interests of the person.

We work with the DDSO to approve people of all ages for this service and typically, individuals with high medical or behavioral needs are approved more readily. The DDSO will assign a number of hours to your loved one and these may be used any time within the year they were approved. Contact us for more information on how to apply.

Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC)

An individual with developmental disabilities typically receives many services which may often be delivered by different agencies. Coordinating these services—combined with the administrative requirements of Medicaid—makes for what could be a full-time job for a family member.

Whether your loved one lives in one of our residences or receives community habilitation, we can take the coordination of Medicaid services (whether provided by our agency or not) off your plate. We’ll become your one point of contact to ensure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed so that your family member receives all the services needed to live a full and productive life. With this administrative burden lifted, your life will become fuller and more productive, too!